Date of next Fundraising Bag Pack

The date of our next Fundraising Bag Pack is Good Friday 25th March at Sainsbury's UPTON.  Please contact the office staff to register to volunteer.Thanks Sarah


We are raising funds for our many different projects for 2016.  You can help by donating your used mobile phones, ink and toner cartridges to Recycle4Charity.  Your old/used mobile phones could be worth up to £70 for Sundowns.Please find below our recycle4charity link.  For more information contact Sundowns or check out their website.

What is Makaton

What is Makaton?  Makaton is a language which uses signs and symbols to help children and adults with communication difficulties to express themselves, engage with others, be included in everyday life, take part in education, access information and services and ultimately acheive their full potential.  How is Makaton used?  Makaton uses signs, symbols and speech to help people communicate.  Signs are used with speech, in spoken word order.  Using signs can help people who have no speech or whose speech is unclear.  Symbols can be used to support communication in many different way.

Recycle 4 Charity

We are now collecting printer ink cartridges, old mobile phones and CD's and DVD's.  We have some recycling bags which we can post out to you on request or pop into The Welcome Centre and hand your donation to a member of staff or volunteer.All items donated will be sent to Recycle 4 Charity or Mazuma Mobile (or similar org) where we will receive a cash donation from them in return.Thanks in advance.Sarah

Parent Support Group

Staff have been seeking suggestions from Parents regarding new projects for 2016.  Discussions regarding setting up a Parent Support Group where parents can get together informally to chat, make new friends and share experiences/knowlege have been just one recommendation, as a result we are looking forward to announcing a Support Group this space or contact us by email for more information.

Easy Fundraising

Help our fundraising take flight.  Collect a free donation when you book your holiday through easyfundraising and you'll get a BIG donation for Sundowns without it costing you a single penny extra! Plus, if you book before 13th March we'll earn a bonus donation too! *AWorldOfDifference  Thanks Sarah

Makaton Signing for Babies

Sarah visited Libby and the volunteer team at Signing for Babies on Friday and presented the Gifts kindly donated by Radio City Cash for Kids to those who could not attend the annual Christmas Party.  Seacombe Children's Centre is an excellent venue and they very generously support our Makaton Signing for Babies by allowing us to use one of their rooms each Friday, check out the Signing for Babies page for the term dates.  Signing, Singing, free play, bubbles, soft play and sensory area, snacks and refreshments are provided for children and their parents/carers too.


Sarah attended an excellent and informative workshop with Cheshire Downs Syndrome last week for Numicon.  It was accessed by Parents and Professionals learning how to apply the resources in school and at home.  Please let us know if your child/ren use Numicon in school/home as we will then look at funding a workshop for local schools and Parents to learn more, we can also look at purchasing resources if necessary to help your child with their maths.


What a brilliant scheme to raise vital funds for our projects.  This year we are funding Makaton Signing for Babies, Youth Activities and regular Support Groups for Parents.  We have signed up to Easyfundraising and already have 6 Supporters on board.  The bonus for our supporters is that it is FREE because once you have registered with the site, and everytime you shop on-line (via the site) the retailer makes a DONATION to Sundowns.  This year we want to raise an amazing £1000 in this way, so help us and sign up today.

Makaton Signing for Babies SenseAbility Feedback


Sundowns Makaton Signing for Babies Group went to SenseAbility last Friday for the first time. All were babies and pre-school children with Down Syndrome. There were 9 babies/children.

Parent Feedback:


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