Sunday 24th April 2016

Cold and wet outside, but let that not dampen our spirits, afterall there is another holiday coming up soon but before that we have lots of exciting news.  We have received a donation from one of our members who has raised an amazing £200 for wearing a belt and a scarf on odd sock day to work.  Well done Nana Brisky you are amazing!!! We have also taken a late cheque from Angus, another £100 from a very generous donor, in total Angus has raised £600 for Sundowns.  Thank you so much Angus, professional Golfer at Wirral Ladies.  We are also having a chat with Cheshire Downs Syndrome to see if we can work together to deliver the 'tell it right' messages to new parents.  We are planning to meet with Mencap Birkenhead to see if we can work together on some future projects too.  Happy Sunday everyone whatever you are getting up to.  Sarah xx