Race Night Review

Wow what an absolutely fantastic evening.  On arrival we were warmly welcomed by Ben who was selling tickets on the door (if not pre-purchased), such a lovely young man who is still at school, however finds the time to volunteer down at the Welcome Centre when he can.  We then sauntered over to the betting table where Kirsten had everything under control (rather her than me).  She explained that we are to chose a table, take a look at the race cards then pick a horse, one race at a time.  Over to the refreshments/cafe where they were serving a variety of beverages and hot food.  The stew, homemade by a volunteer, was delicious.Bets placed, it was explained that the louder you shouted for your horse the faster it ran.....this appeared to be entirely true as I seem to have won quite a few races, so I thought I would try my luck at the raffle and again luck was on my side!!!The night was well organised, well attended and enjoyable.  All proceeds went to The Welcome Centre so it was a win win anyway!!!Thanks Sarah