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Sarah attended an excellent and informative workshop with Cheshire Downs Syndrome last week for Numicon.  It was accessed by Parents and Professionals learning how to apply the resources in school and at home.  Please let us know if your child/ren use Numicon in school/home as we will then look at funding a workshop for local schools and Parents to learn more, we can also look at purchasing resources if necessary to help your child with their maths.


What a brilliant scheme to raise vital funds for our projects.  This year we are funding Makaton Signing for Babies, Youth Activities and regular Support Groups for Parents.  We have signed up to Easyfundraising and already have 6 Supporters on board.  The bonus for our supporters is that it is FREE because once you have registered with the site, and everytime you shop on-line (via the site) the retailer makes a DONATION to Sundowns.  This year we want to raise an amazing £1000 in this way, so help us and sign up today.


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