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Some parents have asked if Ribby is taking place this year.  The answer is difficult, if we have enough cash in the bank to provide a Respite Weekend it would be great.  We need to raise cash.  We have a bag pack in Sainsburys planned for September, however if you any wacky or crazy fundraising ideas we would love to hear from you.  Sarah xx

Monday 11th April 2016

Had a great weekend in the Lake District visiting family, lovely coastal views on the journey home.  Bed early.  Probably put on a kilo in weight as ate lots of cake!!!! And just about to leave the house for Forest Schools.....yay!!!  Sarah xx

Friday 8th April 2016

Crikey, the first week of the Easter Half Term Holidays is almost over.  I wonder what Forest School excitement we are going to have today???? Sarah x

Forest Schools Thursday 7th April 2016

Wow what a great week we have had so far....climbing trees, hammocks, scrambling nets, balancing on tyres and ropes, hide and seek, tag, fairy houses, clay insects, den making, cooking on a camp fire, singing......great fun Sarah x

Totally Awesome Tuesday 5th April 2016

Been to Forest Schools today, everyone had a great to follow.  Sarah x

Yay Happy Monday 4th April 2016

Yay, its FOREST SCHOOLS day!!! I will be in the woods all week with the children, apart from loving being outdoors because of the serentity and obvious link to emotional wellbeing its about time I got back out there after a short period of office based working!!!  Sarah xx

Super Sunday 3rd April 2016

Wow, what have you been up to over the weekend?  I have ben doing housework....boring then decided yesterday to check out what was new on Netflix so effectively I will have no life until all the episodes are finished as I found 'Jane the Virgin' which actually sounds far more interesting than it actually is.  Essentially a 23 year old (Catholic girl) goes for a test in hospital and is accidentally artificially inseminated by the Doctor, so the story continues from there.  It looks a bit like a series for teenagers and is a bit of a joke/comedy sort of thing going on, I like it.

Fantastic Friday 1st April 2016

Fantastic Friday, and the 1st Day of April which means of course it is April Fools Day.....who remembers putting salt in the sugar pot as kids and trying to trick their parents? That is about how imaginative I am to be honest! If anyone has any excellent memories of tricking someone on April Fools let us know and we will publish your letters.  Have a great day what ever you are doing.  Sarah x

Terrific Thursday 31st April 2016

OMG seems strange typing in the last day of March, where has the time gone??? Up early to do the school change there and rushing back because I am subbing for Jane Fishwick from Clean as a Whistle, Moreton again.  I have prepared a lovely poem about 'cleaning' yeah who knew!!!! Writing a poem about 'cleaning' is easier said than done, but I have achieved it!!!

Wow for Wednesday 30th March 2016

Wow for Wednesday because the sun is shining, taken Dan to school in pj's but must get dressed and at least brush my hair.....but who cares I can see blue skies and the birds are singing!!!  Happy Wednesday everyone.  Sarah xx


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