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Upcoming events (TUESDAY 30TH AUGUST)

As summer inevitably comes to a close and we move on into the autumn months, Sundowns has scheduled a few evens to make this transition a little more interesting for everyone. Coming up first and foremost, we have a fundraising bag pack on the 4th September at Sainsbury's Upton, volunteers are welcome so contact us if youre interested. Following this, there is a mini monsters playdate secured on the 18th Sept 4-6pm, please contact us if you have intent to attend.

Tuesday 26th April 2016 Office is fully functional now

Great news!  The office at the Welcome Center, 39-41 Hamilton Street, Birkenhead is now fully functional with telephones, computer and the internet.....yay it has been quite a long time coming!!! Staff are available to answer any queries you have, however always remember you can catch me on my mobile number or personal email address too!!

25th April 2016 Meeting with Cheshire Downs

What a fantastic meeting we had today.  Sarah from Cheshire Down Syndrome came to the office at the Welcome Center to discuss Maternity Liasion and how we could work together to encourage hospital staff to 'tell it right' when a diagnosis of their child could have a chance of Down Syndrome.  Cheshire Down Syndrome already do a fantastic job training staff in numerous hospitals including Leighton, Crewe and Macclesfield.  Cheshire is of course a large area to cover, the Charity has two paid staff and the rest of the work is done by the dedicated volunteers.

Happy Monday 25th April 2016

Hurrah the sun has got its hat on, hip hip hip horray!!!  All dressed up for a meeting with Cheshire Down Syndrome this morning.  Will let you all know what becomes of our new strategic alliance.  Have a great day.   Sarah and Kim xx

Sunday 24th April 2016

Cold and wet outside, but let that not dampen our spirits, afterall there is another holiday coming up soon but before that we have lots of exciting news.  We have received a donation from one of our members who has raised an amazing £200 for wearing a belt and a scarf on odd sock day to work.  Well done Nana Brisky you are amazing!!! We have also taken a late cheque from Angus, another £100 from a very generous donor, in total Angus has raised £600 for Sundowns.  Thank you so much Angus, professional Golfer at Wirral Ladies.

Tuesday 19th April 2016

Wow where has April gone?  Must have flown by because of the Easter holidays and of course we were kept out of mischief with Forest Schools.Forest Schools Stats:We have 6 Staff, 2 of which are Level 3 Trained Forest School Practitioners3 Staff Trained in Outdoor First Aid, most we had to deal with was a splinter!144 Children attended over the two week sessions (not including parents and grandparents)We ate approx 2000 marshmallows and 40 packets of chocolate biscuitsAnd cooked 10 meals on the campfire, even when it rained!!!  Happy Tuesday everyone.  Sarah xx

13th April 2016

The kids loved the homemade burgers so much yesterday we decided to have another go at them today.  Isabelle had the task of making burgers for everyone, Andrew lit the fire (with absolutely no help) not bad for a 9 year old!!! Nathan did a bit more weaving willow to make our structure which has really taken shape proud.  The older boys Cam and Jake were proper teenagers today!!! We even had a visit from Jude and his dad and Jack with his Gran and Dad who loved playing hide and seek.  Sarah xx

12th April 2016

Homemade burgers by the children and cooked on the campfire was on the menu today, and they were absolutely delicious.  Made some paint using mud.  Observed baby worms in a large muddy puddle.  Did a treasure hunt (and I found 20p).  Played football.  Toasted marshmallows.  Finished off the willow den structure.  Busy Busy Busy!!! Sarah x


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